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Hey guys, Fish here! Take a minute to walk outside and stand in the sun. Nice…....right? Ok, not so much, but wait a go stand in a shady spot. Wow, the temperature actually just decreased by about 20 degrees! Of course, I'll get to the point in just a few minutes. So, what's up with the heat this summer and who wants to be out in it?

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If you’re like most fishermen I know, then you love to throw a spinnerbait. It’s a great lure to throw as a search bait, during the spring or the fall, around cover, lay downs, and even on windy days. Ok, so you can fish it just about anytime and catch fish.

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This post is from guest angler James Charlesworth. Fish smart! I have been asked to share my story about skin cancer and provide some helpful tips.

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If you want to be prepared to get a bait wet at the drop of a hat, then follow these few quick steps to always be ready.

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I'm blessed to have the greatest father in the world. Yep, dear Ol' Dad. I absolutely love fishing with him because he's so knowledgeable about all things fishing. He seems to have an uncanny pulse on what's going on with Mother - Mother Nature that is. He can read the water, read the weather conditions, and his ability to find fish is just plain spooky. Needless to say, he always figures out what they want and how to catch them.

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How many different colors of soft plastic baits do you own? If you said more that 10 you've set the stage for a serious illness called luresaremylifeitus. I personally contracted the disease at the age of 12 when my first Bass Pro Shops catalogue came in the mail. That was also the day I discovered the true joy of reading. I spent countless hours studying the different boats, rods, reels, lines and lures. I dreamt of one day owning them ALL! According to my accountant, I must still be trying to reach that goal.

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Lures? Check. Being prepared for everything means, well, you've got to have the hot lures to catch fish, right? Sort of. There are other items that are just as important. Here those are.

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If you are convinced, like me, that bass don’t always eat big baits there is another option. It’s the French Fry! Before you head out to Mickey D’s for a supersized order of fries read on.

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