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The Club is an exclusive membership site for passionate anglers who want the best in education and information on how to catch more bass, but want more than just the basics. They want details, specifics, how-to’s and they want to have fun while learning. Plus, they want high quality production value in their learning tools, access to the biggest names in the fishing industry, and they are excited about learning from some of the unknowns who may not be touring pros, but are the “sticks” on their home area lakes winning local and regional tournaments. If this sounds like YOU, then join us in The CLUB.


Want to get access to the Best Instruction, Information and Education on how to Catch More Bass?


  • Are you frustrated searching all over the web and scouring over really bad Youtube videos to find info on how to fish a certain bait or technique?
  • Are you tired of the shaky “head-cam” videos that guys have shot to share their home-videos of their fishing adventures with bad commentary?
  • How cool would it be if you had access to the biggest names in bass fishing — touring pros and regional experts — where you could hear their “non-sponsor related answers” about the Who, What, Why, How & Where of their real fishing techniques?
  • What if you could spend an hour each month on a live video Q&A call with Fish Fishburne (pro angler, former emcee & TV host for Bassmaster Tournament events including 4 Bassmaster Classics, former BASS tour winner, and outdoor television host) where you could appear on video and ask him anything about bass fishing?


Well you get all of this and so much more when you become a member of The Club!


The Club is a month-to-month (cancel anytime) membership that features an incredible library of the most in-depth bass fishing videoslive Q&A video callspro video interviews and how-to instruction for all levels of bass anglers looking to take their skills to the next level.

From on-water education to in-studio training, you will learn practical techniques and tactics from our host Fish Fishburne and his expert pro angler friends, top guides, personalities and local heroes.

Every week we offer a new Feature Production that gives you the best information, education and entertainment all designed to make YOU a better angler.


with Fish & Friends

The FIRST TUESDAY of each month is our Live Q&A Video Call with Fish & Friends where you can ask them anything about fishing and get an honest answer. Fun and informative!!

Video Interviews

The SECOND TUESDAY will be Meet the Pros where you’ll tune in to see and hear Fish interview some of the biggest names in bass fishing. Guaranteed to be fun & insightful!

Instructional Videos

The THIRD TUESDAY we show one of our Master Class TV Instructional Videos. Each one is filled with expert strategy on a specific & timely topic delivered in true Fish Fishburne style.


The FOURTH TUESDAY is Experts Speak where you’ll hear some of the coolest experts in fishing. Guys who rock on their home lake and beyond. They spill the beans on how they catch more bass!

Here is what you get over the next 12 months…

Details 640

Delivering a total of…


Our Guest List for Meet The Pros…


Just a few of our Guest List for Experts Speak…



Plus, our Bonus Items… You get 12 in-depth How-To Tips from Fish Fishburne and 12 Informative & Timely Articles from not only Fish, but some of the best outdoor writers in the industryAll guaranteed to help you become a better angler.

Ok, so you may be thinking, “What’s so special about all of this? I can find how-to videos and articles online?” Maybe, but you won’t find it all in ONE PLACEproduced SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of teaching you how to be the best bass fisherman you can possibly be.

Yes, you may find sites that show excerpts from other TV shows, but they are not filled with specific how-to content designed for teaching. They’re just small clips from previous episodes where the angler is telling you what he just did – whether or not it contains valuable teaching information can certainly be debated.

Yes, you can find a bunch of badly made fishing videos scattered around YouTube, but finding something with quality information and production is pretty much a crapshoot.

Yes, you can hear “sound-bite” interviews with some of the pros, but it’s usually just about how they did in a tournament, or so filled with sponsor-related promotional talk that it’s hard to know what is really truth and what is paid for.

Once you get inside The Club, you’ll know immediately that you have hit the jackpot!

Finally, you get access to relevant information on timely topics with insights from really great fisherman who are willing to spill the beans and share their inside knowledge about the Who, What, Why, Where and How they catch more bass.

Plusit’s all produced in television production quality, so you never have to wade through the amateur video quality you find mostly on YouTube.


Meet The Pros Demo


So, what’s this going to cost me?

Well, you could argue that just getting access to these pro fishermen would be worth more than you would want to pay. And if you were to add up the money it would take to produce over 30 hours of footage, you can see that would definitely drive up the cost. Particularly knowing the typical fishing show of 13 episodes only delivers 5 hours of total footage (each show being approximately 23 minutes minus commercials).

I think you get my drift here… if we were to charge what most would agree to be the true value of what we’re delivering then no one would be able to afford it outside of a national television network, and they would say we were giving them way too much material.

Here is the Good News!

You don’t have to pay Network Television prices for The Club. You don’t have to pay Cable Television prices for The Club. You don’t have to pay Local Cable Access prices for The Club (remember those days — ooh not too good). And you don’t even have to pay what our research and focus groups said we should charge for The Club.

No. It’s better than that.

Here are the 3 Options to join The Club

  • Monthly Member$20/month on recurring payment plan with the option to Cancel At Any Time.
  • Annual Member– $18/month ($216 paid annually) based on 10% discount a savings of $24 compared to the month-to-month member for 12 months.)
  • VIP Member– $240 annually with a forever “locked-in” price where your rate will NEVER go up as long as you stay a member.

But Hold On.

It Gets Even Better!

For a Limited Time we are offering ourGrand Opening Speciala 26% Discount on all 3 Options


  • Monthly Member $14.80/month on recurring payment plan with the option to Cancel At Any Time. Save $62.40!
  • Annual Member $13.32/month ($159.84 paid annually). Save an additional $17.76 over the Grand Opening Special monthly plan (-10% + -26%).
  • VIP Member – $14.80/month ($177.60 paid annually with the forever “locked-in” bonus) where your rate will NEVER go up as long as you stay a member.
    • Plus, you receive School of Fish: The Fundamentals of Bass Fishing Vol. 1.    ($87 retail value available now in our store.)

Fish Fishburne’s SCHOOL OF FISH 5-Part Video Series…

The Fundamentals of Bass Fishing Vol. 1

SoF Graphic



As a SPECIAL BONUS during our Grand Opening Special when you purchase the VIP Member Plan you will receive FREE ACCESS to our brand new Featured ProductSchool of Fish: The Fundamentals of Bass Fishing Vol. 1.

It’s a 5-Pt video bundle with almost 3 hours of In-Studio and On-The-Water instruction from our host Fish Fishburne teaching on 5 TopicsSoft Plastics, Blades, Frogs, Jigs and Gear. (It’s an $87 value you get for free as a VIP Member. Or you can pay full-price in our store now. Either way, it’s an incredible instructional product worth 3 times the asking price.)

So to recap…

Regardless of which plan you choose you will receive our 4 Feature Products delivered every month on Tuesdays.

  • 1st Tuesday is Live Q&A Video Call.
  • 2nd Tuesday is Meet The Pros Video Interview.
  • 3rd Tuesday is Master Class TV Instructional Series.
  • 4th Tuesday is Experts Speak Video Call.

Plus, each month you get Bonus Articles and Fish Tips covering timely topics.



Click on the option below to choose which of the 3 plans you want to join.

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P.S. Don’t forget you can Cancel At Anytime with our Monthly Membership, so there is no risk in checking out The Club! 


P.S.S. If you join as a VIP Member your rate will NEVER GO UP and you get the 5-Pt Video Series, School of Fish: The Fundamentals of Bass Fishing Vol. 1  (an $87 value) for FREE.


The Club is THE place to be if you want access to Fish Fishburne. The Club is THE place to be if you want fun, informative and educational bass fishing instruction delivered with television quality production. And The Club is THE place to be if you want access to celebrity pro fishermen & expert anglers who don’t just give their typical soundbite in interviews, but share their insight, knowledge and personal secrets that make them better than the rest of us.

You will not get this kind of access to experts, quality of production or quantity of content from any other online source anywhere.

So, Don’t Wait. Join The CLUB today!