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Episode 016 – Fish’s Secret Topwater

Fish is solo this week, and he’s answering a question he got out in the wild recently, “Fish if you had just one bait to fish in the Spring, what would it be?” It’s tough to narrow it down to just one lure, but Fish comes through with this lure he’s never talked about before. He gives us exactly what equipment to use, and how to fish it. Thanks for listening, and Go Fish!

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 015 – Big Bass on Tiny Tackle!

We’re in the spawn and post spawn time of year. Fishing is really good right now, and it’s a great time to learn. Fish tells us about a technique you’re probably not doing this Spring, but you should be. Ultra light spinning tackle for big bass. On this World of Fish Podcast Fish Fishburne breaks down the two baits he recommends, the colors, the line, the rod, the points of interest, and a whole lot more.

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Episode 014 – What a Sight!

This week on cooking with Fish. Wait! Wrong podcast, but someone forgot to tell Fish. If you hadn’t noticed, Fish was hungry this week, but we got him back on topic quickly this time. Catch this podcast for two outstanding recipes. One for chicken and one for sightfishing.
Sight fishing? Yes, it can be a controversial topic among some anglers, but fish breaks it down to his three ingredient recipe – Time, Vision, and Casting. Don’t fall into the trap of always looking shallow without sunglasses and casting right on top of the fish. This podcast will point you in the right direction.

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Episode 013 – Love Those Lures!

If, like Fish, you suffer from never having enough tackle then you’ve got to catch this episode of World of Fish. Get coping advice from a fellow sufferer of the condition. Seriously though, maybe you have more tackle that you want to take on your boat for fear of sinking it. Maybe you are going to a new body of water for the first time and want to make sure you’re taking something that will catch a monster. Today Fish helps fellow sufferers dial in their tackle choices to maximize results. We know the manufacturers want you to buy ten of everything, but that really isn’t necessary. Follow these pointers and you’ll definitely catch more.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 012 – It’s Springtime Fishing!

Springtime is arguably one of the best bass fishing seasons all year. It’s a miracle that we’ve kept this podcast shorter than three days long, but Fish managed to pack it full of springtime tips and keep it in the ballpark. It’s all up for grabs in this episode, the controversy of sight fishing in spring, what to watch for to find warming water, different baits and techniques from pre-spawn, to spawn, and through post-spawn. Fish gives you some bait recommendations you can go buy today and try tomorrow for every phase of the spawn. You’ll also get some great hollow-bellied frog tips. Don’t let this episode of World of Fish get past you, you’ll miss some of the best fishing possible.

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Episode 011 – Bigguns on Top!

Do you want to catch fish over five pounds this time of year? Don’t miss World of Fish this week. And no, we aren’t selling you the same old “big baits catch big fish,” tip that you have heard your entire life.

Get ready to hear the insider secrets about one great topwater bait. Fish also shares with us some great “secret” modifications that you probably aren’t making. Get ready to cover lots of water really fast, draw fish to you like a magnet, fix a few manufacturer issues, and catch monster bass. I can’t forget to mention that this bait also works great at night. I’ll be you weren’t expecting that. It’s all here on the World of Fish Podcast.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 010 – Bass & Butts, What?

In case you missed the title of this week’s World of Fish Podcast, today you’re going to hear about a great Spring technique and then Fish goes off the mark and gives us all his opinion on butts. Don’t believe me, check out the podcast. You won’t be sorry you did.

In case you still want to know about bass fishing, Fish covers more on using floating worms, particularly a few accessories that will increase your bite even more. He explains why you need to know the water temperature, you’ve got to have your polarized sunglasses, you should try some scent on your plastics, and don’t forget the braided line. And the most fun part about the technique Fish shares today, getting to see the bass take the bait.

If this wasn’t enough to have you hungry, don’t forget, Fish still has to talk butts.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 009 – Tubes & Tubes

On this week’s World of Fish podcast Fish tells us about two different types of tubes. He’ll dish out some pointers about what to look for in a float tube – what to look for when you’re shopping, how to board them safely, wading wet or with waders, swim fins, and even trolling motors. Float tubes and trolling motors, really?! People will try anything.

Next, he covers another type of tube, the bait. Tubes are great on saltwater, amazing in the Great Lakes, and wonderful for smallmouth, but largemouth? No serious largemouth angler uses tubes for bass fishing, right? Well, Fish’s story about the 1998 Bassmaster Classic winner will change your mind. Once you’re sold on tubes, Fish tells us what sizes to use and which techniques work best for each size. 

There’s also a special message, from the heart, from Fish about what is all about. You won’t want to miss this episode.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 008 – Best Topwater Lures

If you want to improve your bite you’ve got to spend more time on the water. Wait, you have a job, a spouse, and kids? Don’t worry, they won’t mind if you’re on the water even more trying to keep up with the fish pattern every week… No? Okay, you’re right. They will definitely care. So what’s an angler to do?

How can you spend less time on the water, still catch fish, and have a great time doing it? In case you haven’t put it together, the answer is topwater lures. But that’s not enough, Fish spends some time this podcast reminding us of a great type of “old-fashioned” topwater that you need to untangle from the bottom of your tackle box, tie on, and get wet. You may even have to look in Grandpa’s tackle box to find this one. Don’t panic though, manufacturers still know what’s good, and they still make them.

Give this podcast a listen and bring back some old-fashioned topwater baits that should be wet, not dusty.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

Episode 007 – What’s Your Line? Fishing Line That Is

Are you ready to be bored – to tears? Well, you’ve come to the right place… Honestly though, whoever said the fundamentals have to be boring has never been around Fish.
Fish is solo this week and tells us all about the three different types of fishing line you’re likely to run into. He covers the main characteristics of each, and gives lots of advice as to when you will get the most out of each one. So stop ripping the jaws off fish when you use braided line.  Dig that monofilament out of the bottom of your box. And learn a few tricks to help you save money on fluorocarbon.

You’ll Learn More • Catch More • Laugh More!

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