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This week we’ve got a special edition of Experts Speak with Mark Menendez. Mark discusses summertime fishing, seasonal patterns, and moving water. Mark gives a great answer when Fish asks “How much time, as a beginner or intermediate angler, do I need to spend in my boat with my electronics to become a better angler?” For more great content, join us in The Club at

Ask Fish Special Edition:
This week instead of our normal Ask Fish video, we have a special edition video called Experts Speak Pro Tip with Mark Pack & Lance Vick. Both Mark & Lance are Skeeter Boats Pro Anglers and Guides on Lake Fork Texas and were special guests at the recent Skeeter Owner’s Tournament hosted by Bass Champs. Fish, of course, is the host of Skeeter Bass Champs TV on Fox Sports SW & WFN, and was the MC of the tournament for the weekend. As a special feature for the audience during one of the weigh-ins, and for all of our fans at GoFishOutdoors, Fish interviewed Mark & Lance on exactly what they would throw & how they would fish Lake Fork, TX during the summer to win the tournament. This is detailed information and exactly the type of content we offer each month inside “The Club.” If you haven’t joined us in the Club yet, make sure you check it out if you are serious about catching more fish! (

This week on Ask Fish, Jimmy from California writes in to ask “Hey Fish, I fish a shaky head a good bit, I’ve seen you catch a lot of bass on it, I want to know what your 2nd favorite lure is on a shaky head.” Fish tells us exactly what he would put on his shaky head if he had to replace his favorite lure. Go Fish!

This week on Ask Fish the question is “Fish, what do you do when you miss a bass?” Fish tells us what the fish are doing, what we shouldn’t do, and most importantly, what we should do. Go Fish!

Shaun from Vermont submits a question this week asking “Hey Fish, I know you’re a grubber, so am I. Other than the green grub that you’ve talked about previously, what’s your next favorite color?” Fish gives us a monster that catches all species that swim. You can fish this grub anywhere, and fish it year round. Go Fish!

This week on Ask Fish we’re not talking about ways to catch fish, but this is still important information, especially for the guys watching. Women perspire, men sweat, and men can stink. Fish gives us the solution to our problem.

Tom from Memphis, TN writes in to ask “What are the advantages of a shaky head, and how do you rig it?” Fish tells Tom all about this bottom bouncing bait, including how to rig it, and how to cast it. Give it a try, and Go Fish!

Randy from Louisiana writes in and asks “Hey Fish, tell me what your favorite lure is for small bodies of water?” It’s hard to narrow it down to just one lure, but Fish gives an answer you probably don’t have in your tackle box. Check it out, and Go Fish!

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